Why Non-Stick Pans Are a Kitchen Game-Changer

Non-stick pan
Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash

Sometimes in life we get cocky about things. We allow our ego to take over and we make bold claims without considering other options. In this particular example, we may say to ourselves that we’re God’s gift to cooking, and that it really doesn’t matter what kind of pan we use. Heck, give us a slab of metal and we’ll figure out a way to fry an egg on it. Hyperbole aside, there’s room for this kind of confidence—but not when it means neglecting to buy a non-stick pan.

They’re Game-Changers

If you love cooking and you don’t have a non-stick pan, you don’t even realize how much you’re about to love it. The difference between a pan that’s non-stick and all of the others is truly astonishing. When you use one, it can sometimes feel as though the food is cooking itself.

Minimal Oil or Butter

Furthermore, the food you prepare is going to be healthier because you don’t really need to add any non-stick spray, oil, or butter. You can add a tad if you so choose, but that’s just a personal choice at that point. It’s not really necessary, because the non-stick pan will ensure that whatever you’re cooking slides around the platform with ease. So, head over to the store, buy one, and enjoy!