Why is Wagyu Beef So Expensive?

You may be wondering why Wagyu beef is often triple the price of other types of beef. The secret to its high value is the intense marbling of fat on the meat that makes it so tender and rich with flavor.

Breeding cattle for Wagyu beef requires a lot of extra work. These special cattle are fed a special diet and follow specific guidelines. Instead of being given a number like most cows in a farm, Wagyu cows are given their own names. Some of these cows are even given personal massages to help blood circulation and gifted with jackets to wear when the weather gets cold. Wagyu cows surely receive some special treatment.

Wagyu beef originates in Japan, but a beef import ban was lifted in 2015 that allowed this prized meat to be delivered to all different areas in the world. Today, you can find Wagyu beef at specialty butchers and on the menus of gourmet restaurants. However, you can’t be too sure regarding the quality of Wagyu beef found out of Japan. Lots of meat is served in America as Wagyu beef, but it usually comes from a hybrid between Wagyu and other types of cows.