Why Cheese Lovers Don’t Always Like Cheesecake

Photo by Tina Guina on Unsplash

You might have come across a person who claims to be the world’s greatest cheese lover—only to later learn that they actually don’t like cheesecake. This is actually more common of a phenomenon than you think, and there are a few reasons why. Here’s why someone who loves cheese doesn’t necessarily love cheesecake.

Sweet vs. Savory

There’s a pretty well-known rule in the world of culinary arts, and that is the sweet vs. savory rule. It’s not a rule that gets treated the same by everyone, but nevertheless it exists.

It goes something like this. Some people have no problem mixing sweet foods with savory foods. In fact, they get a major kick out of it. But then there are others who simply don’t believe these mixtures should exist. Something about the mixture of sweet and savory doesn’t sit well on their tongue, even to the point of revulsion at times.

The Cheesecake Problem

This is why many cheese lovers don’t like cheesecake. For some of these people, they cannot mix the savory nature of cheese with the sweet nature of sugary cake. It just doesn’t work for them. In fact, they would argue that they love cheese so much that they want to keep it as simple as possible.