Why Are Bananas Such a Common Base for Smoothies?

Banana smoothies
Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

In nearly every good smoothie shop, you’ll probably see banana on the menu in most of the available drinks. You probably also know by conventional wisdom that it’s just a good ingredient to have in your own smoothies. But what makes it so good? There are lots of reasons having a smoothie with a banana every day is a good idea, and here’s what they are.

Its Texture

Banana has a very unique texture that allows it to be rather creamy when it’s blended up. So adding banana to the base of your smoothie will add creaminess and thickness without adding fat like actual cream would do.

It’s Healthy

Bananas have lots of nutrients and are a great thing to add to your daily diet for this reason. In particular, they contain lots of potassium, which is not only important for bones and strength but reduces inflammation and soreness. So if you have a tough workout, the best thing you can drink to help feel less sore is a smoothie with banana.

It’s Cheap

Bananas are some of the cheapest fruit, clocking in usually at only a few cents per unit. Because of this, it won’t break the bank to buy enough to eat one every day the way it might to buy peaches or berries.