Whipped Lemonade is the TikTok Trend We Needed This Summer

Whipped lemonade
Photo by Joshua McArthur on Unsplash

From mustard on watermelon to pasta chips, TikTok has already given us several viral food trends this summer. New food crazes are coming our way every week, and if we had to pick one that has the potential of becoming the ultimate TikTok food of the summer, it would be whipped lemonade.

Whipped lemonade is the spiritual successor of one of the biggest TikTok trends of 2020: whipped coffee. The main thing that sets them apart is the fact that this rising craze is more refreshing and summer-friendly. The main ingredients used in the whipped lemonade are condensed milk, whipped cream, and lemonade. It’s been compared to melted lemon sherbet or lemon-vanilla ice cream due to its sweet taste and creamy texture.

There are many different recipes demonstrating how to make whipped lemonade, but it all comes down to mixing whipped cream and milk with freshly made lemonade. If you’re in the mood to put your own twist on this viral craze, you can add Kool-Aid packets, coconut milk, or even booze to the mix.

We’re expecting whipped lemonade will take many different shapes and forms as its popularity rises this summer, and we’re bringing you the best recipes everyone is raving about right now.


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