Want to Eat Tastier Grits? Follow These Tips

Grits and Poached Egg
Photo by Bakd&Raw by Karolin Baitinger on Unsplash

Grits are a great choice if you want a simple meal. They are easy to make and usually result in a comforting meal. But they can be much more than that if you decide to follow some of these tips.

Know Which Grits You’re Using

All grits are not made the same. There are usually four types of grits: stone-ground, regular, quick, and instant. Each of them requires a different approach and different cooking times. For example, instant grits are pre-cooked and only require you to add boiling water.

Salt Before Cooking

You think that you can add salt to grits at any point, but you actually can’t because they won’t absorb it once they are cooked. Instead, salt the grits water before cooking for best results.

Whisk Often   

Whisking plays a larger role in quality grits than you might assume. You want to whisk often so the grits release more starch and get a finer consistency.

Try Different Liquids

Grits need liquid to cook, but that liquid doesn’t need to be just water. You can experiment with using half of the required water and substitute the other half with either broth or milk.

Mix in Some Shredded Cheese

Cheese does amazing results with grits. It makes them creamier and gives them a more complex flavor. Simply mix in some shredded cheddar or parmesan and enjoy a whole other experience.