Unhealthy Ingredients You Should Avoid Adding to Your Salads

Many people see salad as their go-to healthy food, but there are exceptions to this rule. It all comes down to the ingredients you’re adding to the mix, and if some of these end up making the cut, your salad won’t be so healthy after all.


If you’re trying to cut out on carbs, croutons aren’t the best idea, and the fact that they have high sodium levels also doesn’t help their case.

Creamy Dressings

Ranch, blue cheese, and similar creamy dressings won’t do your health any favors, and not only because they’re high in calories. These dressings are also loaded with fat, and have very little nutritional value.

Shredded Cheese

There’s nothing bad about having a bit of cheese in your salad, as long as you don’t go overboard and pick the right kind.

Candied Nuts

Many salads you ordered will be topped by candied nuts, but eating them isn’t exactly the healthiest choice since they often contain a lot of sugar, fat, sodium, artificial colors, and flavors.