Two Great Spices To Use During The Winter Time

Photo by Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash

It’s not easy to stay warm during the winter days, and as a result, we’re always searching for ways to get that extra burst of heat. What we eat is a big part of that, and that extends to the spices we put on our food. Indeed, certain spices can keep us warm in a handful of ways, and some are better than others at doing this. Here are two that are sure to give you that warm, cuddly feeling.


Cinnamon contains an active ingredient that helps with blood circulation and thereby contributes to warming the body. It can help warm areas far from the heart such as the hands and feet where the cold in winter is immediately felt.


Ginger also helps with warming up the body, and here’s how. The spiciness of the ginger enters nerve channels across the tongue and conveys a message of pain to the brain. The body responds to the pungent taste with an increased heart rate and body temperature, heating us up in the process!

Spiciness causes the body to sweat, and by doing so our body balances and maintains its temperature. To warm the body, you can drink boiling water that has been soaked with ginger slices for about 10 minutes.