Try These Tips For The Most Indulgent Porridge Ever

Bowl of porridge with fruits
Image by -Rita-👩‍🍳 und 📷 mit ❤ from Pixabay

Porridge is a great option for breakfast. The oats provide slow-release energy, meaning you’ll be feeling alert and focused until lunchtime, and including toppings such as fruits, berries, and seeds can tick a lot of nutritional boxes. If you feel in need of a treat when you wake up in the mornings, check out these tips which promise super creamy, delicious porridge every time. You can add optional extras, such as chocolate spread or honey, for those mornings when you need some motivation to get up and go.

Use a Water and Milk Mix

Whether you’re using cow’s milk or a dairy-free alternative, using a half-and-half mix of water and milk will result in sumptuously creamy porridge that isn’t overwhelmingly thick. A good rule in terms of oats to water ratio is to use three tablespoons of oats per person, and six tablespoons of liquid.

Use a Nut Butter

Whether you favor peanut, almond, cashew, or a different nut altogether, stirring a tablespoon (or two) of nut butter through the oats as they cook can improve the texture and creaminess of the porridge. Adding the nut butter at this stage doesn’t mean you can’t add more to your bowl once the porridge is ready!

Double the Cooking Time

If you have time, cook the porridge low and slow. Letting the oats slowly break apart imparts a lovely creaminess to the porridge, and ensures that the oats are truly soft and sumptuous when you come to eat them. It is also worth investing in some good quality jumbo porridge oats, as these develop the texture and bite of the porridge.