Try These Healthy Smoothie Combinations

Homemade smoothies are a quick and tasty way to get your daily serving of nutritious fruits. Use these delicious and unique flavor combinations as a guide for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Pour it into a bowl and top it with chopped fruit and crunchy nuts to make it a smoothie bowl!

Coconut + Blueberry

Creamy coconut milk makes an excellent alternative to traditional dairy. It contrasts beautifully with the tart flavor of blueberries or blackberries.

Mango + Pineapple

Try this incredible, vitamin-packed combination to escape to your own delicious tropical paradise for breakfast.

Melon + Strawberry

The juicy, delicate taste of honeydew melon or cantaloupe beautifully complements the sweet tang of strawberries.

Ginger + Peach

Blending some aromatic chopped ginger into your next peach smoothie makes for a fresh and revitalizing beverage. Throw in a few mint leaves for an added freshness boost.

Banana + Peanut Butter

The all-time favorite flavor combo now in smoothie form! Velvety bananas and rich peanut butter give this smoothie an extraordinary milkshake-like texture.

Cucumber + Apple

Don’t be freaked out by the thought of a green veggie in your smoothie! Vitamin-packed cucumber adds a wonderfully refreshing touch.