Try These Domino’s Hacks for Leftover Pizza

Domino's Pizza
Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

There’s no shame in not being able to finish a pizza, because pizza you don’t eat today is a tasty meal for tomorrow. You just need to know how to use the leftover pizza to its full potential.

Luckily, Domino’s Australia recently decided to help its customers by sharing several intriguing hacks that help get the most out of pizza leftovers. And some of them look like they could really work. Because let’s face it, the world’s biggest pizza chain should know what they are talking about.

Reheating Pizza

There are a number of tips on reheating pizza, but this one seems really interesting. According to Domino’s, you should put a half cup of water inside when you reheat your pizza inside the microwave. This should prevent the pizza from being soggy and give you a great crust.

Pizza Sandwich

The next hack is to turn your pizza into a sandwich. Just mesh two pizza slices (with toppings facing the inside) and pop them into a sandwich press. This will not only reheat the pizza but also provide you with awesomeness in each bite.

Pizza Dipping Sticks

This one is probably our favorite, and we can’t stop wondering how we didn’t think of it before. Just cut your pizza slices into thick strips and use them as dipping sticks. Awesome!

Pizza Toppings Omelet

Finally, you can just use the pizza bread for dipping sticks while turning the pizza toppings into an omelet. Check out how to do it below.