Top 3 Tips for Making Your Pasta Healthier

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, but that doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. If you have a habit of transforming your pasta into a high-calorie dish by going overboard with extra ingredients, try making your next dish healthier with these tiny, but crucial changes.

Whole Wheat Pasta

One of the easiest ways to increase the nutritional value of your meal is by ditching your white flour pasta for healthier alternatives. There are many healthier options on the market these days and whole wheat pasta is the most accessible one.

Choose the Right Sauces

Store-bought sauces can be packed with artificial sweaters and making your own from scratch is a much better option. If you’re not sure which sauce to opt for, go for red ones and avoid creamy sauces since they’re often very high in fat.

Just Add Veggies

Packing your pasta with veggies is always a good idea. In addition to adding more fiber to your diet, vegetables will also enhance the flavor of your meal. The best way to make your pasta healthier is not by cutting down on your portions, but by compensating for lack of pasta by adding more veggies to the mix.