Tips For Choosing the Best Produce

Tips to choosing produce
Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

We all know the importance of eating lots of vegetables, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Many of us grew up eating veggies that were just served steamed or boiled, and they left a bad taste in our mouths, so to speak.

While much of making vegetables taste good is in how you prepare them, it’s also important to choose high-quality produce to begin with. This will guarantee that you’re starting with something flavorful, and any seasonings can simply enhance the taste. Here are some ways we know how to choose fresh and delicious fruits and veggies.

Shop Local

Heading to your local farmers’ market is a great way to ensure you’re choosing good produce. The food won’t have had to travel so far, so you know it’s going to be fresh. You can also ask the farmers questions about how the food was grown.

Go By Smell

Our senses of smell and taste are closely linked, so choosing fruits and vegetables that are especially fragrant is likely to ensure that you’ll end up with produce that has a nice flavor.

Look For Color

Fruits and veggies that are bright and vibrantly colored are likely the freshest. As soon as produce starts to rot, spots will appear, or its color will turn slightly brownish.