Tips For A Perfect Green Salad

Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn on Unsplash

Green salad is a delicious and low-calorie fast meal—or a refreshing addition to any meal—that will delight the table.

Here are some tips on the way to the perfect salad.

Most importantly, choose the best lettuce for the salad. Before making the salad, taste the leaves to make sure they are not bitter.

Combine several leaf types. It is delicious, healthy,  beautiful, and usually makes the salad more interesting. The leaves must be separated and washed one by one.

Choose a sauce that suits the taste of the lettuce and the rest of the dishes on the table. Try to leave the sauce light and delicate to complement the taste of the lettuce.

Add toppings—like chopped herbs, seeds, seeds, crispy nuts, toasted bread crumbs, spicy cheese crumbs, fresh fruits, dried fruits, or cooked fruits.

Preparation in advance is out of the question. You can clean leaves and make a sauce—or in short, do everything until the mixing stage—but do not mix the sauce and toppings until you serve the dish to the table.