TikTok Knows How to Make Proper Mac and Cheese

Mac n cheese
Photo by Priyanka Aggarwal on Unsplash

Although it appears to have originated in 14th century Europe, Macaroni and cheese (or, mac ‘n’ cheese, if you will) is now arguably the most iconic American food out there. Consisting of pasta and melted cheese (i.e., all the yummy stuff), it’s pretty easy to understand why. If you’re also one to find comfort in this simple casserole dish, here are three viral TikTok tutorials explaining how to make it.

The Oven Baked One

If you’re not into frying your pasta, this mac ‘n’ cheese recipe by “_jam_jam_lee” is what you want. All you’ll be needing is pasta, cheese, milk, cream, butter, and… an oven. Wait one hour, and you’ve got yourself this awesome, frying-free mac and cheese.

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The Pan Baked One

If you’re the type of person that likes to make everything in a pan, or you simply don’t have an oven (which is totally legit), here’s a great recipe for pan-baked mac ‘n’ cheese by Eitan Bernath. Eitan shows us how to take all the classic ingredients of this dish, throw them in a pan, and get amazing results!

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The One with Extra Breadcrumbs

This one by “mxriyum” has gone totally viral with over 15 million (!) views so far, so there has to be a good reason. This recipe consists of two main parts: the main one of cooking the pasta and getting the cheese sauce ready takes place on the stove; and the second one, which is basically just baking, naturally requires an oven. That’s also where you add a ton of breadcrumbs, which is what gives this version its amazing extra-crispy touch.

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