Three No-Bake Healthier Cookies to Try When You Want Cookies But Not Dessert

Healthy cookies
Photo by Whitney Wright on Unsplash

Sometimes when you’re hungry, you just have a craving for cookies. But cookies aren’t the most substantial, being more or less only sugar and butter with no protein or nutrients. So when you feel like you need a healthy snack or something that will actually leave you feeling full, try one of these healthy cookie recipes—no baking required!

Almond Cookies

These cookies feature two of the most common no-bake ingredients—nut butter and dates. Dates are often used as a sweetener and a binder since there are no eggs to hold the structure together. These cookies will provide you with protein, fiber, and healthy fats. They’ll also be sweet and crunchy like any cookie should!

Energy Cookies

These vegan cookies are packed with nutrients and protein from nut butter, chia seeds, and rolled oats. They’ll give you lots of energy to continue your day while satisfying your sweet tooth thanks to the maple syrup, cacao nibs, and coconut flakes that are mixed in!

Tahini Chocolate

These cookies switch up the nut butter requirement for tahini, which is made from sesame seeds. Tahini is also packed with protein and healthy fats, and will give a subtler flavor to your cookies. These are a little less healthy because they do use a lot of chocolate, but they’re still great for you with oats and can be made nut-free entirely.