This Chef is Showing Us Just How Many Things You Can Do With Butter

If you thought butter was supposed to just be spread on toast or used in baking, you’re about to have your mind blown. Chef Thomas Straker, born in Herefordshire, England, is showing us all of the possibilities that butter has to offer, with his series that he calls “All Things Butter.”

@thomas_straker Bloody Mary butter – All things butter #fyp #ForYourPage #allthingsbutter #ButterTok #FoodTok ♬ Pass The Dutchie – Musical Youth

Thomas cooks with the mindset that simple is better. His recipes on his website, Instagram, and TikTok are easy to follow and use seasonal ingredients. And while his butter recipes also follow his cooking values, to us, they seem far from simple—they’re extraordinary.

@thomas_straker Burnt chilli and anchovy butter – All things butter #FYP #ForYourPage #TikTokChef #FoodTikTok #CookWithMe #butter ♬ original sound – Thomas Straker

Thomas started his butter series in April of 2022, on his TikTok. Every video starts the same way, with a base of creamy looking butter, to which he adds lots of fresh and interesting ingredients—anything from garlic and lime, to more unique things, like bone marrow, anchovies, and ‘njuda. 

@thomas_straker Shrimp butter – All things butter #ForYourPage #FYP #Butter #FoodTok #ButterTok #TikTokKitchen ♬ original sound – Thomas Straker

He throws the ingredients into a bowl and mixes them together with a hand held whisk. Then after a huge fingerfull of butter to taste test, Thomas shows us just what recipe would go great with this newly concocted butter. 

@thomas_straker Beetroot butter – All things butter #ForYourPage #FYP #ButterTok #Butter #FoodTok #TikTokCooking ♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

We can’t stop watching these videos. And while we can’t imagine our butters would look as beautiful as his do, we can’t wait to keep trying new combinations.