These Fruits are Great on the Grill!

Image by BarbaraNeveu/Depositphotos

It might sound a bit crazy, but did you know that there are several fruits which taste great after being grilled? Even though we might not typically associate fruits with grilling, and certainly not all of them taste good after being cooked in this manner, there are some fruits that lend themselves to the smoky flavor of the grill.

Here are three that you should definitely try experimenting with!


Watermelon tastes great if prepared with a little bit of sugar and lime zest before putting it on the grill. If you’re looking to make it a little bit spicy, you can even try sprinkling on some red pepper flakes in order to give it a truly unique taste!


Pineapple is probably the most popular fruit to prepare in this manner, and with good reason. The smoky flavor that the grill imparts on this fruit is highly attractive, and the caramelization of the sugars also are a huge plus for the flavor.


Grilled peaches are a fantastic side dish option and can also be the perfect complement to a dessert such as vanilla ice cream. Cinnamon sugar butter is often added to these peaches in order to give them a warm and delectable quality that you’ll never get tired of.