These Foods Can Boost Your Immune System

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

Winter is a difficult time of year even before you factor in the increased chances of getting sick. We’re all keen to avoid coughs and colds, and whilst there’s no cure, certain foods can help you fend off illness. Check out these foods that will support your body in defending itself this winter season.

Citrus Fruits

All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, one of the core nutrients when it comes to avoiding coughs and sniffles. Try a glass of orange or grapefruit juice in the mornings, fresh squeezed lime over a piece of fish or lemon squeezed over steamed vegetables.

Red Meats

Red meat, including beef, pork, and lamb, is high in iron. This essential nutrient can help keep you feeling energized and alert, so even if you do catch a slight cold, you can keep going and power through until you’re free of it.

Green Veg

Broccoli, cabbage, and spinach are all very high in incredibly important nutrients, many of which support the functioning of your immune system. Help yourself stay well by eating as many of these vegetables as possible.