These 4 Tips Will Take Your Cheesecake to the Next Level

Photo by Kofi Okyere on Unsplash

We’ll be honest, not every food item has the ability to be turned into cake. Lettuce cake? Chicken cake? Yeah, not so much. But whoever realized that cheese could be used to make one of the most luscious desserts was an utter genius!

Not all cheesecakes are created equally, though. A truly great version can be tricky to produce, but these tips will make it near impossible to resist a second slice.

The Best Biscuits for Your Base

Sure, the cheese gets all the glory when it comes to this dessert, but you can’t build anything extraordinary without a good foundation. Avoid biscuits that are bland, and instead, go for cookies that have a subtle flavor like coconut to ensure each bite is delicious from top to bottom.

Flavorful Filling

When it comes to cheesecake, go big or go home. That means, when choosing which cream cheese to use, it’s better to lay off the low-fat as you’ll achieve a better consistency. Feel free to go wild with your flavorings—vanilla, lemon, white chocolate, and even coffee all work wonderfully!

Let it Set

Whether you’re making a baked cheesecake or a refrigerated version, it’s important to give your culinary baby time to rest. A chilled cheesecake needs around four hours in the fridge (even better: overnight), while a baked baby needs about 45 minutes to cool. Resist—we know you can do it!

Top it Off

We started from the bottom, now we’re here! Don’t get us wrong, plain cheesecakes are delicious. But toppings offer up a chance to get creative with your cake by adding something extra. It’s also a great way to cut through the sweetness with something tart. Berries are always a win, or you could go classic with sour cream.