These 3 Items Will Have You Eating Like the Queen

Photo by Lidiya Pavlikova on Unsplash

This past week has been all about celebrating Queen Elizabeth II who has been on the throne for 70 years. To put that into context, Her Majesty’s reign is as old as David Hasselhoff!

During her seven decades as head of the Royal Family, the Queen has dined with a variety of dignitaries around the world, as well as in her home at Buckingham Palace. Lavish meals with multiple courses are what one would expect to be part of the monarch’s daily diet, but the 96-year-old woman eats rather modestly, according to her former personal chef. Darren McGrady cooked Her Majesty’s meals for 15 years, with his book, Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen, offering insight into her distinguished palate.

Earl Grey Tea

Many prefer to kick-start their day with a cup of coffee, but not so for this royal. The Queen’s morning begins with a pot of Earl Grey, recognized by its signature scent of bergamot. While some believe the tea should be taken black, Her Majesty likes it with milk, and we wouldn’t dare argue.

Crustless Sandwiches

Traditional afternoon tea is something that every foodie should experience at least once. Scones with cream and jam and finger sandwiches with the crusts removed are staple elements of the light meal which dates back to the 1800s. The Queen is known for observing the English tradition daily with smoked salmon and cream cheese said to be her sandwich of choice.

Gin Cocktail

There’s nothing quite like a gin and tonic on a warm summer’s day. Traditionally served with lemon, G&Ts have evolved to include a variety of flavors. We’re talking everything from pomegranate to rosemary. Her Majesty, however, prefers her gin in martinis and even released her own brand of gins infused with herbs from the gardens at Buckingham Palace and Sandringham House.