The Right Way To Drink Vodka

Photo by Pooja Chaudhary on Unsplash

It seems there’s more to drinking vodka than just adding a mixer. In Russia, vodka is shared with friends and accompanied by food. Check out below to see the Russian way to drink vodka.

Keep it chilled

One of the most delicious ways to drink vodka is straight from the freezer. The liquid becomes more sharp and tastes delicious. Avoid freezing flavored vodkas, though, because they can lose their flavor and opt to keep them in the refrigerator instead.

Make vodka king

Don’t be tempted to use a fragrant, subtly infused vodka in a cocktail. You won’t be able to taste it among all the other ingredients. Rather let the vodka be the star.

Pair it with food and friends

In Russia, the tradition is to serve a selection of appetizers in a similar way to tapas, and to do a lot of toasting with shots of vodka. It’s very sociable and friendly, and the vodka is an integral part of the meal. The best way to drink vodka is from one-ounce shot glasses so that you can drink and toast often without getting blasted.