The Prep Behind Raw Sushi Fish

Photo by Vinicius Benedit on Unsplash

Welcome to the vast world of sushi prep, which most people rarely ever even think about. It’s so easy to just pay for our delicious food and take it for granted, but there are so many diligent steps that must be taken beforehand for us to actually enjoy it. If you’re wondering what those steps are when it comes to sushi, you’ve come to the right place.

They Buy Quality Fish

Perhaps the most underrated step when it comes to preparing amazing sushi is buying quality fish from reputable suppliers. There’s something very minimalistic about raw fish in sushi, where it often seems like nothing has really been done to it. The truth is that not much has been done to it, but only because it was handpicked specifically for its quality.

They Freeze the Fish

However, no matter how high quality a fish might be, every chef must do this part of the process. Freezing the fish for a long time is essential to rid the fish of all of its dangerous bacteria, which allows people to eat it raw.

They Present it Well

The last step is the process of preparing fish is also the one that we know most—the cutting and seasoning of the fish. But even while this is something we notice, there’s also so much craftiness in pro chefs’ work that we often don’t even appreciate how good they are at cutting raw fish.