The Key to Eating Healthily While Traveling

Pineapple in the sand
Photo by Evi Radauscher on Unsplash

Traveling can be exciting for a vast array of reasons, and one of those reasons has a lot to do with food. If you’re a big foodie, there’s something magical about exploring all the various cuisines a new destination may have. Unfortunately, while this can be fun, and obviously a major treat for your taste buds, it also enables you to eat a lot of unhealthy food you might not normally eat as frequently back home. Here’s how to avoid that.

The One-Per-Day Rule

Instead of swearing off all unhealthy food while you’re traveling, it’s better to embrace the inevitable and instead give yourself a constraint. In this case, the perfect constraint falls under the “one-a-day rule”. You allow yourself to eat one unhealthy thing per day while exploring this new city. Even if you break it by going over, you’ll at least have that constraint to rein you in.

Healthy Cuisines

The truth is that there are just as many healthy cuisines around the world than there are unhealthy ones. If your time is limited and can’t eat everywhere, you can satisfy your travel curiosity bug by at least checking out the cuisines that are healthy. You’ll still have the time of your life!