The Health Benefits of Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread on a board
Photo by Franzi Meyer on Unsplash

Have you tried sourdough bread? Perhaps you have expressed delight about the taste, and then simply went about your way. This would be a common occurrence for many people, because to most individuals sourdough is simply just “another kind of bread”. However, here are some healthy facts about sourdough bread that you may not have considered before today.

Artificial Yeast

When you go to the supermarket and buy a regular, non-sourdough loaf of bread, it’s very likely that it was made with artificial yeast. Just like when you bake your own loaf, and part of the recipe requires store-bought yeast, and most supermarket loaves are made the same way. However, many culinary experts believe that artificial yeast is considerably less healthy than the alternative: natural yeast.

Wild and Natural

It’s possible that you never even considered that there was another kind of yeast, and that’s because most people don’t know. However, before capitalism and mass-produced bread came into the picture, all bread was made without artificial kinds. When you wanted your dough to rise, you simply had to wait. You had to allow the dough to cultivate yeast cultures—which is exactly what people do to make sourdough bread. The latter is a much healthier type of bread—and some experts even say that sourdough white bread is healthier than a store-bought whole grain!