The Best Way to Eat Ice Cream Isn’t What You Think

Ice cream
Photo by Elza Kurbanova on Unsplash

How delicious is ice cream? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like ice cream, even if they’re the pickiest people on the planet. It’s cold, tasty, melts in your mouth, and there really isn’t anything on the planet that’s quite like it. However, we’re here to burst your bubble when it comes to the best way to eat ice cream. You might think that there’s no wrong way to eat something so delicious. You might be right—but hear us out first.

Eat It, Don’t Lick It

When we were kids, it was all the rage to lick our ice cream. But when you grow up, there really is no reason to do so. When you really stop to consider what’s happening when you lick your ice cream, you come to realize that it’s nothing productive. Most of what you’re really doing is moving the ice cream around, and—we hate to say it—getting your saliva all over it. Here’s a suggestion: just take a bite! We assure you, the ice cream is just as delicious.

Fork, Not a Spoon

When eating ice cream out of a bowl, or a store-bought pint for that matter, you must eat it with a fork over a spoon, and here’s why. Ice cream needs to be viewed as a “food” item. If it’s too liquidy (ie: too melted) that you need a spoon to eat it, guess what—it shouldn’t be eaten. In our view, it’s either cold and hard, easily taken with a fork, or we don’t eat it.