The Best Vegan Seafood Alternatives

With so much attention on beef alternatives, plant-based seafood options often get overlooked. Products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are flooding the market with plant-based products that taste like beef. Even fast-food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King are offering plant-based burger options. Products that replace fish can be a bit harder to come by, although they’re not too far behind. Here are a few of our favorite brands we hope to see continue to gain popularity in the future.

Vegan Zeastar

Sushi lovers rejoice—we finally have a plant-based alternative to raw fish that makes the perfect addition to your favorite vegan sushi. Forget using tofu, they have tuna and salmon, and we can’t believe how real it looks!

The Plant Based Seafood Co. 

Did someone say “crab cakes?!!!” The Plant Based Seafood Co.’s crab cakes are lumpy, crispy, and have that perfect touch of ocean flavor that we miss so much. They pair perfectly with lemon and a little vegan tartar sauce.

Sophie’s Kitchen

First raw fish, then crab cakes, now fried shrimp?! These golden babies are fried to perfection and look remarkably like the real thing. Check out their website to find a store that sells them near you.