The Best Snacks to Take on a Hike

Image by Cianna Woods from Pixabay

If you’re preparing to go on a long and rigorous hike, you’ll probably need to bring some snacks. Oftentimes it’s hard to bring large meals on hikes such as this, so you need something that’s both small but also nutritious. Here are a few things you can take that offer the best of both worlds.


You really can’t go wrong when it comes to nuts. They’re good for you, incredibly light, and easy to carry, and they also happen to be super delicious. When you like peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, or walnuts, you’ll surely be satisfied.

Trail Mix

The cool thing about trail mix is that you don’t have to choose what your favorite kind of nut is. You get an assortment of just about everything from nuts to crackers to pretzels. There’s a reason that trail mix is something of a fan favorite, and it’s because they were made specifically for hikes. Hey, it’s called “trail mix” for a reason.

Beef Jerky

Here’s a great hike snack that doesn’t get talked about often—beef jerky. If you’re someone who just needs some meat, this is by far the best option you could go for. You’ll get that saltiness, the roughness, the tastiness, and of course a great dose of protein—all in a clean, easy-to-carry package.