The Best Boxed Macaroni & Cheeses

Mac and cheese
Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Is there anything that fits the label of “comfort food” better than macaroni and cheese? A classic combination enjoyed by all ages, mac & cheese is a staple dish in kitchens around the world, but making it from scratch can be a labor of love. Fortunately, the days of neon yellow instant mac are far behind us, and there are now plenty of boxed options that are just as good as homemade. Here are a few you’ll always find in our pantries:


Who said mac & cheese can’t be nutritious? Goodles gives a classic a healthy upgrade by creating products that are high in protein, fiber, and 21 different plant-based nutrients. With a variety of flavors like black truffle and cheddar, cacio e pepe, and hatch chile popper, you’d never know you were eating anything other than regular pasta—perfect for picky eaters or anyone looking for a fun and easy meal.


Cabot Creamery has been making cheese for over 100 years , so we think it’s only natural that they’ve decided to break into the mac & cheese market. Its new line contains 6 flavors including Yellow Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and 4 cheese Italian, all made with organic pasta and no artificial ingredients.


In a world once dominated by blue boxes containing packets of neon yellow “powdered cheese products,” Annie’s was one of the first brands to create a less-processed alternative. Most iconic is its Shells & White Cheddar, though the company also offers a variety of other traditional and even vegan flavors.