Samantha Lee Will Convince Your Kids That Vegetables Are Fun

Before she became the viral sensation she is today, Samantha Lee was just another mother trying to convince her daughters to eat their vegetables. The solution was clear: make the actual plates more appealing by introducing storytime into feeding time. It was 2008 when Lee proceeded to create whimsical, colorful, and healthy meals for her two young daughters, but it took some years before she would share her creations online.

“When I started a family I realised that cooking for my family at home was better than eating outside as I could control the ingredients and adjust the flavours according to my family’s specific taste,” she further explained in an interview with Says. “From that, I wanted to encourage my daughters to eat healthily and independently.”

Having opened a dedicated Instagram page in 2011, her iconic plates quickly caught the world’s attention. “I started making food art at the end of 2008 when I was heavily pregnant with my second child and started posting them up on Instagram in 2011,” says Lee.

Her approach is fuss-free and imaginative, using simple tools to create her food artworks. She also doesn’t believe in wasting food and is a strong believer of utilizing fresh and healthy ingredients. “My first food art creation is Hello Kitty!” she recalled. “As for ingredients, I love to work with fresh ingredients such as rice, vegetables, fruits and poultry. These ingredients provide the best colors, and there’s no need for food coloring!”

According to Lee, you don’t need special tools or ingredients to introduce storytelling into your children’s plate. All that is required is a healthy dose of imagination. Her unique approach has worked big time! Thanks to her creative and unique way of approaching mealtimes, Lee has amassed a growing social media following of almost a million followers and has established herself as a food artist.

“Honestly, I get inspired from everything,” says the creative. “From the ideas that my kids share with me, from my travels and random sketches as well as creative art pieces I come across every day.” Follow her on Instagram for more. Trust us, your kids will thank you!