Rose Water Recipes for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

Instead of a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day this year, why not give your loved one (or yourself) something they can enjoy in more than one way and try one of these recipes with rose water! Roses symbolize love and nothing says love quite like offering something sweet and delicious. Rose water has a delicate flavor not so different from strawberries and pairs beautifully with many other ingredients like nuts and fruit. There are tons of rosy recipes available online, but these are some of our favorites.

Rose Latte by Liz Moody

This rose latte by Liz Moody pays tribute to a classic Middle Eastern recipe made with rosewater and thickened milk, almost like a pudding. Liz doesn’t drink caffeine and suggests that this recipe is a perfect alternative to coffee to start your day! Wake your sweetheart up with a cup!

Strawberry Rose Overnight Oats

Prepare them at night and they’re ready in the morning—these oats are the perfect way to start any day, especially one centered around love! You can even add a little chocolate for extra sweetness.

Raspberry Rose Baked Donuts

If you’re feeling really fancy, go all out and try these raspberry rose donuts! The sweetness from the rosewater pairs perfectly with a tangy raspberry filling, and white chocolate ties it all together perfectly!