Red Wines That Go Great With Dark Chocolate

Red wine with dark chocolate
Photo by Ali G Rashidi on Unsplash

It’s a known thing that wine and chocolate are like a match made in heaven. But that doesn’t mean that all wine goes together with all chocolate. In fact, when it comes to dark chocolate, you must be extra careful about which wine you choose. Due to the bitter nature of dark chocolate, it requires a very subtle complement on the wine end—and these are the wines that work best.


You can detect a lovely hint of cherry in this Piedmont-based wine, which bears strong similarities to that of vermouth. This is a sweetish wine that you’ll want to sip with your dark chocolate.


True to its name, this red wine is originally from Portugal, and it’s known for its intoxicating cinnamon spice aroma. As you might expect, it goes great with anything cacao-related, including dark chocolate and coffee as well. If you don’t have access to a Port, a Port-style wine will do just fine. These alternatives include wines such as the Malbec or Zinfandel.

Pedro Ximinez

A bottle of Pedro Ximinez originates from Montilla-Moriles, an exotic region in Spain. It has a black-brownish color, and it’s meant to be sipped very delicately. The more you drink it, the more you taste its nuttiness and raisin-like flavors. Pair it with chocolate and you’ve got yourself a truly delicious combo.