Pimms -The perfect recipe for a summer party

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Emerging from the fruity cider, the Pimms drink offers an extra kick. The Pimms punch serve as a perfect drink for summer picnics and outdoor barbecues. For those who are new to the term, Pimms is basically a gin-based alcoholic drink which is served with lemonade and fresh mint.


Here is the recipe to get you engaged:

Ingredients include dry cider and 3 handfuls of mixed fruit pieces. You can add bits of fruits like lime, strawberry, lemon and strawberries. Besides, you will also need 250ml/9fl oz Pimms.


Simply pour the cider into a large mug or glass jar. Add mixed fresh fruit pieces and add straws. After this, do the garnishing by gently pouring Pimms on top of the cider. Make sure that you do this slowly in order to create another layer on top of the cider layer.

Prepare and serve on a hot summer day.

Since the preparation time is less than ten minutes, the drink can be easily made and used during summers. Also, the fact that no cooking is required makes the recipe an easy way to counter the warm temperature.