Ordering Water in Europe Will Surprise You

Water culture in Europe
Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Upon traveling to Europe for the first time, eating out can be a surprise when it comes time to order water. Americans especially have an interesting experience ordering this drink you’ll find at almost any lunch table thanks to quirks that European restaurants feature when it comes to H2O. Here are some surprising things about the culture of water drinking in Europe!

It’s Never Free!

While in many places in the world, going to a restaurant and ordering a “water” results in a glass of free tap water being brought to you, this is not the case in Europe! No matter what restaurant or bar you’re dining at, you will have to pay for water.

Still or Sparkling?

Sparkling water isn’t a common drink to enjoy in many parts of the world, but in Europe it is. This leads to waiters and waitresses often surprising people with the “still or sparkling?” question that some people don’t even understand!

Bottled, Never Tap

It is rare to find a restaurant in Europe which will serve you tap water. Despite it being sanitary and fine to drink, restaurants almost always opt to serve bottled water to their patrons, considering it to be better-tasting and a superior accompaniment to a meal.