Not a Cook? You Should Still Learn a Few Skills

Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

There are some people out there who fall back on their own stereotypes in order to further a narrative that benefits them. Take cooking, for example. Some people tell themselves a story in their head that they “aren’t cooks”. Perhaps they had some bad experiences, or perhaps they simply can’t stand being in a kitchen. However, here’s why these kinds of people should still learn a few cooking skills.

It Helps Those Around You

Listen, we’re all about people knowing their places in life. If you’re not so great at cooking and you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to be miserable. However, there can be life circumstances where you being able to cook, albeit not so well, can help others around you. If your spouse is ill, think about how grateful they’d be if you prepared them some soup? How about if your spouse is away and your kids need to eat something?

It’s a Fundamental Life Skill

Cooking is reflective upon our imperative and primal need to survive, and thus it’s a fundamental life skill. You don’t have to be Chef Ramsay to be able to prepare a basic cheese omelet or broccoli quiche. And please don’t kid yourself. You know it’s not that hard to follow a simple recipe. So, give yourself a chance and prepare a few dishes!