Nigerian Chef Just Broke the World Record for Most Hours Cooked Consecutively

You know those days when you just feel too lazy to cook? We’re guessing that Hilda Baci doesn’t. The Nigerian chef has just broken the world record for the most consecutive hours spent cooking. 

The previous Guinness World Record of 87 hours and 45 minutes was held by Lata Tondon from India. After having won the title of International Indian of the Year, she became the first female chef to enter the world record books. 

The impressive feat has now been taken over by another woman.

Baci spent more than four days in a kitchen in Lagos where she created 100 meals, going through 55 recipes. The chef not only matched the world record, but greatly surpassed it, clocking in an incredible 100 hours. 

Baci reportedly planned to cook for 96 hours, but with an audience of thousands cheering her on, she decided to go for a round number.

According to Guinness rules, at least two dishes must be cooked or prepared at any time, and food must comply with local food safety laws. The competitor is allowed to take a five-minute break every hour, or a one-hour break after cooking non-stop for 12 hours. 

During her attempt, Baci made a selection of Nigerian dishes, including Jollof rice, akara, and several soups.