NFL Star Jameson Williams’ McDonald’s Hack Shocks the Internet

Jameson Williams during his time with the Detroit Lions in November 2023.
Jameson Williams during his time with the Detroit Lions in November 2023. Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto/Shutterstock/14222589w

When they are good, McDonald’s hacks are really good. Whoever thought of blending a McDonald’s apple pie into a McFlurry should receive some kind of reward. However, when they are bad, they are really bad, as a recent McDonald’s hack from NFL Star Jameson Williams shows.

Williams, who plays for the Detroit Lions as a wide receiver, recently went on Instagram to share one of his McDonald’s hacks and shocked the internet. As it turns out, he likes to add Oreo McFlurry as an additional topping to McDonald’s double cheeseburger.

We don’t know what this creation tastes like, but we can’t imagine a world in which cold ice cream can go well with a warm burger.

After seeing Williams’ hack, the social media users didn’t hold back. One Lions fan said that Williams should be traded for this, while another said that he deserves to be suspended.

However, there were those who actually defended Williams and tried to explain the reasoning behind it.

“Sweet and salty go together. Same reason why people dip fries in milkshakes or will use a donut for a bun” wrote one Twitter user. “Chocolate-covered bacon is a thing and it’s not like dairy products on a burger is a new concept.”

While this makes sense, we think we will still pass on trying this. How about you?