Never Put These Things Down the Drain of Your Kitchen Sink

Your kitchen sink might seem like an appropriate place to dispose of all kinds of waste, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While sinks, along with garbage disposals, offer a good alternative for taking care of certain things, there are some commonly-used kitchen items that cause big problems for your plumbing and the environment if they end up here.

Be sure to dispose of these kitchen items in a place that isn’t your sink or garbage disposal.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds should never go into your kitchen’s drain, as they can easily coagulate and cause a blockage that can be extremely problematic. Try composting them if you aren’t going to throw them into your garbage bin, as they are a fantastic addition to your compost pile.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil that is left over after preparing meals should never be put into the kitchen sink. Not only can it cause clogs, but it can also have a terrible effect on the environment if it finds its way into local waterways.


Have you ever made dough before? If so, you will probably understand why flour shouldn’t be put into your kitchen sink drain. The water which will combine with flour in the drain can cause a blockage-causing mass of mutant “dough” to form.