Need to Crush Some Ice? Here are the Best Methods to Do It

Crushed Ice
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

Making a perfect homemade cocktail requires some crushed ice. Without it, the cocktail doesn’t look or taste as good. But what if you don’t have any crushed ice in your freezer and don’t want to go to the store to pick up some? Simply use any of the following methods with your regular ice.

Blender Method

This is the quickest and easiest way to get some crushed ice for your cocktails. Simply get as much ice in the blender as you want, and then add cold water to cover half of it. Use the Pulse button on the blender to get the perfect chunks, and then simply strain out the crushed ice using a strainer.

Towel Method

If you don’t have a blender, all is not lost. Take out a cloth towel and place it on a sturdy surface. Place ice cubes in the middle and fold it over. Start smacking the towel with a rolling pin or a wooden spoon until you get the desired ice chunks. Keep in mind not to hit too hard, as you might overdo it.

Ziploc Bag Method

This method is great if you don’t have any ice to work with. Take a Ziploc bag and fill it halfway with water, seal it tight, and pop it in the freezer. When the water becomes ice, take out the Ziploc bag and break up the ice with a few rolling pin hits. Then, use the rolling pin on the Ziploc as you would use it on dough, going back and forth with firm pressure until the ice is nicely crushed.