Make Your Cheap Beer Come Alive With These Four Tips

Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Sometimes all you can afford is the cheapest beer from the gas station. Unfortunately, with the cheapness comes some unexciting flavors. But, there are easy ways to spice up your beers and make them taste expensive without dropping too much dough. Try out these tricks and see how you can turn a dime in a dollar.

Simple Michelada

A michelada is a Mexican cocktail using beer, lime juice, and an array of sauces and spices. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting everything together, just add some salt, lime, and a little hot sauce to your beer and the flavor will really pop.


Even though you usually use bitters for cocktails, adding it to your cheap beer will make it taste more complex and better altogether.


A shandy is a summertime drink made from beer and a sweet non-alcoholic drink. Usually it’s mixed with lemonade, try making it with apple juice for something not so sweet and more cider-like.


Campari is a red liquor with a bitter, slightly orange flavor. The sweetness of the beer will go well with the bitterness of liquor, and a squeeze of lemon or lime will really put it over the top.