Make Perfectly Crispy and Delicious Churros in Three Short Steps

Photo by Foodie Flavours on Unsplash

Churros are one of the most delicious traditional desserts that Spain has in store, but you don’t have to go to this country to try them. Making your own is always an option, and here are three useful tips that will help you make them perfectly crispy and delicious.

Egg Dilemma

Eggs are one of the main churros ingredients, and the way you add them makes all the difference. We recommend using large, cold eggs, and beating them one at a time so they could incorporate properly. You should also consider letting your dough rest before adding the eggs so it wouldn’t be too warm.

Frying Time

You’ll probably have to keep an eye on your churros as they fry because it can be difficult to time them perfectly. We recommend keeping your temperature at around 350˚F and to stop frying them once they reach golden brown color on both sides.

Sugar Dip

Churros simply wouldn’t be the same without the cinnamon sugar dip and you should make sure to dip them while they’re still warm. This will help the sugar mixture stick better to your churros, but don’t rush things and place them on a paper towel for a few seconds so they wouldn’t be wet and oily.