Make Canned Peas Taste Better With These Tips

Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

Canned peas are convenient, but they are not always as appetizing as you would want. Sometimes, they are all mushy, or the taste is slightly off, making you regret even buying them. But don’t give up on canned peas just yet. Instead, make them taste better with these tips.

Wash Them 

Transfer your canned peas to a colander and wash them with running water. This will help remove sodium as canned peas are preserved in salted water and give them a fresher look.

Don’t Overcook Them

Canned peas are already cooked, so you only need to incorporate them into your dish towards the end of the cooking process. If you add them straight away, you will overcook them, causing them to become mushy and not as tasty as they can be.

Add Butter to Your Canned Peas

If you want to use canned peas as a side dish, then you’ll need to warm them up. The best way to do that and make them taste better in the process is to use butter. Simply add a few lumps of butter to your canned peas and mix it in while warming them up. It will make an incredible difference.

Make a Smoothie

Probably the easiest way to take your canned peas over the top is to turn them into a smoothie. They will give a boost of nutrients to the smoothie while other ingredients will cover up their less-than-exciting taste.