Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean With This Simple Ice Hack

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Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Cleaning garbage disposal isn’t the most attractive kitchen chore, but it is quite an important one. If you don’t keep the garbage disposal clean, it will likely stink up your entire house and make you afraid of approaching the sink.

Now, the secret to cleaning garbage disposal isn’t just to wash it off. You need to be thorough and make sure that all those food particles that are hiding in it are gone. This is why an ice hack for cleaning garbage disposal shared by TikTok user @royce_renovations is so cool.

Ice Hack for Garbage Disposal Cleaning

In one viral video posted on his profile, @royce_renovations demonstrated how to easily and efficiently clean your garbage disposal using ice.

First, he runs some water and cleans parts of the garbage disposal with soap. After that, he packs the garbage disposal with cubes of ice and then pours soap all over it. After placing the stopper, he turns it on.

While garbage disposal makes a less appealing version of shaved ice, the small particles of food and dirt get caught up and removed from the unit. The hack has an added benefit, according to the TikToker, since it also sharpens the blades.

Watch his video below, and never have a stinky sink again.


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