Kalimotxo is Spain’s Favorite Party Drink

Spain really is the king of using wine to make all kinds of delicious mixed drinks. From the world-famous sangria to the summertime favorite of tinto de verano, a mix of wine and lemon-flavored soda, Spain knows how to take advantage of one of its favorite beverages to the maximum.

One drink that isn’t so well-known outside of Spanish borders but is immensely popular at parties and gatherings inside of the country is a tasty mix known as kalimotxo.

Originating in the Basque Country, kalimotxo is super simple, containing two ingredients in equal proportions. Red wine and cola, such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi, are combined to make a drink that is smooth, drinkable, and gives people enough of a sugar buzz to keep them going all night long.

Want to make it at home? It’s as easy as this!


  • 1 part red wine
  • 1 part cola
  • Ice

That’s right! There are no fancy mixers or cocktail glasses involved here. Take one part red wine (the cheaper, the better) and one part cola. Put them into a cup (yes, plastic is fine), add ice to taste, and enjoy!