Is it Hard to Make Freshly Squeezed Juice?

Orange juice
Photo by Mateusz Feliksik on Unsplash

As delicious as juice can be, there are many people out there who advise not to drink too much of it. This is because most juices, especially those that you find in the supermarket, are usually loaded with sugar and are therefore not as healthy as you might think. However, one way to be sure that the juice you’re drinking is completely freshly squeezed is to make it yourself. But is it easy, or more trouble than it’s worth?

You’ll Need a Juicer

Don’t be a hero and try to squeeze each of those oranges one by one. You’re not impressing anyone, and frankly, you’re just making a huge mess. If freshly squeezed juice truly is important to you, just bite the bullet and buy yourself a fancy juicer for the kitchen. If you do this, making freshly squeezed juice will be a cinch every time, and it’ll be quicker than you think.

With One Catch…

Yes, there is a catch to this whole thing. While yes, a juicer makes it incredibly easy to make freshly squeezed juice, unfortunately, it also means you’ll be buying loads more fruit than you’re used to. You’d be surprised how little juice actually gets squeezed out of one orange, and oftentimes you’ll find yourself going through at least six or seven of them just to make one batch. If that’s not an issue for you, then go right ahead!