Is Green Coffee Better Than Green Tea?

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

More than just a beverage, a morning cup of steaming green coffee or green tea can make wonders in your fitness programs. But deciding on which one is the supreme portion usually becomes a dilemma.

Green tea comes from the plant named Camellia sinesis and is known since ancient times to provide health benefits. These benefits include improved antioxidant properties and cardiovascular support.

Green coffee on the other hand is the extract of green coffee beans. The main compounds in green coffee are cholorogenic acids providing weight-loss effect to the beverage.

As one can easily recognize, both green tea and green coffee achieve their own benefits. However green coffee is proposed to be more effective for weight loss. However, the caffeine content and habit forming aspect of the beverage makes it loose a point. Green tea on the other hand does not contain caffeine and along with weight loss, helps in skin enrichment and a healthy digestive system.

Also, the evidence on green coffee beans is much more than that of green tea extracts. Green tea effects are comparatively much slower. Though both are potentially beneficial, it is better to go with the one your health and taste buds allows.