Interesting Ways to Flavor Whipped Cream

Whipped cream drink
Photo by Tetiana SHYSHKINA on Unsplash

Whipped cream is something of a perfect dessert topping. It goes with almost everything, from cold to hot and from fruity to chocolatey. But if you want to make your whipped cream a little more interesting or have it add something more to your dessert, you can add some yummy flavorings to it! Here are some of the best.


Cinnamon is a great addition to almost every dessert, so it’s a perfect way to flavor your whipped cream. It’s also a great base for other whipped cream spice mixes such as chai spice or pumpkin spice which are yummy on pie, spiced cake, or especially on drinks!


Chocolate seems almost obvious, but it’s not that common to make chocolate whipped cream! All you need is a bit of cocoa powder and a little extra sweetener to make your whipped cream even richer and a perfect companion to any dessert.

Salt and Vanilla

A small pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla will make for whipped cream with a more flavorful sweetness which will both add to and enhance the flavors of your dessert. Vanilla and salt are both known for their ability to strengthen flavors that already exist in a dish, so the whipped cream will help do just that.