Inspiration for Your Next Sushi Session

Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

Sushi is one popular food, but incredibly difficult to make pretty. There are some sushi masters that take their obsession to an entirely different level. Look at these rolls for some ideas on how to create and decorate your sushi.

The Radish Effect

Use thinly sliced radishes to create triangular shapes on top of the sushi rolls. Add some curled microgreens for color.

Some Like It Saucy

Decorate each piece of sushi with a combination of sauces including spicy mayo, soy, and hot mustard. This gives it a tie-dye effect and adds spice!

Mad Scientist Sushi

Stick plastic vials of soy sauce into the sushi for a dramatic effect. It looks incredibly tantalizing, and will have your guests raving!

Rice Substitute

Roll your sushi without rice, then use carefully sliced avocado to spiral around the fish. Garnish with micro greens.

Dyed Rice

Add some pride to your sushi by dying sushi rice with a multitude of colors. You can also dye rice sushi for a gender reveal, to match branding, or just to spice up your newsfeed.