If Your Cake Came Out Dry, There’s Still Hope!

Everyone’s been in a position where they’ve made a cake and it’s turned out dry. But, don’t fear! There are still plenty of ways to fix it.


If you know you’ve left your cake in for too long or just feel like it’s dry, put some melted butter on top of it! The butter will absorb into the cake and make it moist again and it won’t taste overly buttery! Just frost as usual and you’ll have a regular delicious cake.

Transform It

If you are willing to get creative, use your dry cake to make something new with it! You can either crumble it up and mix it with icing to turn it into cake pops very easily. Or, you can even use it as the base to a trifle, which actually works great since the cake will soak up all the flavors that you choose to put in, making it a better trifle than if you’d used moist cake!

Warm it Up

The best thing to do as a last resort is heat it up slightly in the microwave before you serve it. This will release some moisture and make it not seem as dry.