Ideas for Making Canned Soup Taste Better

Photo by Calle Macarone on Unsplash

Canned soup is a super easy lunch or dinner and is a great store cupboard standby during the winter months. However, it can be a little boring. Take a few minutes to try some of these quick and easy ideas to make canned soup taste better, and you’ll be surprised at how well it levels up!

  • Add some extra green goodness to your soup by adding some fresh green herbs like flat leaf parsley, curly parsley, chives or coriander. You could also add fresh chilli or chopped spring onion. 
  • Add a dollop of pesto and a swirl of olive oil for an Italian-style makeover. This works especially well for tomato soup!
  • Make your own sourdough croutons by tearing up the end of a sourdough loaf and crisping up in olive oil in a hot pan with some nigella seeds. You could even add some parmesan if you’re feeling fancy. 
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a bright acidic lift. 
  • Add some fresh baby spinach or other greens like kale or chard while your soup is cooking for even more plant-powered nutrition. Be sure to add your greens around 5 minutes before serving so they cook through.
  • Sizzle some fresh garlic and chilli flakes in olive oil until aromatic and use as a punchy topping.